T206 Baseball Card Articles

Mint T206 Wagner Find...in 1972
A collector writes of his amazing find in a 1972 issue of The Sport Hobbyist

T206 Wagner Sold Privately
A T206 Honus Wagner card changed hands between two private collectors. The tobacco baseball card has become the third biggest sale in history.

Better Than Wagner: T206 Ty Cobb
There's a card in the T206 baseball card set that is much more scarce than the famous Honus Wagner.

T206 Cards Top REA Sports Auction
T206 cards were among the top sellers in a $10 million sports card and sports memorabilia auction conducted by New Jersey-based Robert Edward Auctions.

T206 Cards on Display
A collection of high quality T206 tobacco cards will be on display at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland.

Valuable T206 Cards Sold
Some rare T206 baseball cards change hands in sports memorabilia auctions.

T206 Drum Back Card Find
A new discovery of rare-back cards from the T206 set has created a buzz in the hobby, nearly doubling the amount of known examples.

Wagner Card Sells for $826,000
A T206 Honus Wagner baseball card has sold for $826,000 at auction.

Rare T206 Baseball Card to Be Sold
A rare T206 error card of Joe Doyle, the "NY Nat'l" version, will be sold at a sports memorabilia auction next year.

T206 Wagner Card to be Sold
A T206 Honus Wagner, one of the world's most valuable baseball cards, is going on the auction block.

T206 Cards Sold|Baseball Cards
Results from the sale of T206 cards and other vintage baseball cards in a Mastro Auctions event.

T206 Baseball Cards|Rare Sports Memorabilia
An introduction to the T206 baseball card set which is celebrating its 100th anniversary.