Book Chronicles T206 Players’ Careers, Lives

A new book scheduled for release this spring should be a huge hit with T206 collectors.

The T206 Collection: The Players & Their Stories will be a hardcover coffee table style book that serves a tribute to the men featured in the greatest baseball card collection that has ever existed.

The T206 Collection: The Players and Their Stories

The book is designed for collectors, but is also a great reference book for baseball fans and history buffs. Each page highlights a player featured in the T206 baseball card set and includes brief biographical narratives along with the personal and professional statistics of each player. The reader is offered a look into the early 20th century game while the images show the 500+ major and minor league players that make up the set.

Players in the set came from a wide variety of backgrounds and the skill level of the players was highly varied. Some, like Ty Cobb, Cy Young and Walter Johnson, became icons. Others never saw the big leagues.

For collectors of the T206 set, the final chapter discusses the value and grading system surrounding the century-old cards and brings the reader full circle. The various cigarette ads that appear on the backs of the cards are discussed in some detail.

The authors invite readers to take a look into the lives of these long-ago athletes to see that lesser-known players Lena Blackburne and Gabby Street made contributions to the game in ways that could never be measured statistically. They did, however, help shape what was rapidly becoming a wildly popular sport across the country.

The book brings to light some of the issues facing players in the 1909-1911 era of the T206 set and we find they're similar to those in play today. From contract disputes to substance abuse, and inflated egos, these issues sometimes got in the way of greatness for some.

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