Busy Time for T206 Collectors Chasing Famous Cards

April 2012 might be considered "Wagner month".  No less than three T206 Honus Wagner cards were offered for auction:  one by Goodwin and Company, graded SGC 40 that sold for over $1.2 million to a New Jersey man who apparently doesn't have strong ties to the hobby; another by Memory Lane Inc., which was graded PSA 2 and opened with a $550,000 bid and a third by Robert Edward Auctions that was also lower grade but had a unique date stamp on the back.

Honus Wagner T206 sold Goodwin The T206 Honus Wagner remains the hobby’s signature card; ultra scarce, highly sought after and over time, usually a pretty good investment, too.

The Wagner card wasn't the only ‘holy grail’ in these auctions, though.

T206 collectors will tell you that the Eddie Plank card from that same set is often just as difficult to find as the Wagner.  Multiple cards of Eddie Plank were in the three auctions as well and REA also offered the famous Doyle "NY Nat'l" variation, of which only a half dozen or so exist.

The attention that has been afforded the three Wagner cards and the high prices attained brings positive attention to the vintage baseball card collecting world.

It certainly beats reading another story about how 'dead' baseball cards are from mainstream media who don't do much homework.