Options for Storing, Displaying T206 Cards

T206  card holders are a must if you're looking to preserve your collection. As the historic cards continue to grow in value, collectors face the often problematic issue of storage and display. Sometimes a collector needs to consider all of the various storage and display options that fit their particular needs. The decision could ultimately be based on the value of the T206 card in question and the individual collector's financial capacity.

Collectors don't usually just collect amazing baseball cards to stow them away in the closet. The typical enthusiast wants to show their friends, fellow collectors and maybe even their kids the cards they enjoy so much. There are usually stories with how they have acquired each individual card and that especially rings true with those lucky enough to find pieces of the T206 set. That means the collector is also faced with the issue of figuring out how to display an impressive stash of T206 baseball cards.

displayPerhaps option number one is grading and authentication.   Finding a special through a grading company sometimes can save the collector serious money. In fact, it's not out of the realm to get individual cards of your T206 graded for $7 to $8 per card.  Not only will the cards be graded, they'll be encapsulated which should preserve them forever unless something extremely heavy falls on them. Grading is generally regarded as the best way to holder the high value cards.  SGC, PSA and Beckett are the three major grading companies.

For those who don't have the money for grading, there are other options for the cards to stand the test of time. If you want to properly store cards, T206 album pagesthe choices include pages, plastic holders and even wall displays that can be found on eBay and Amazon.

Ultra Pro makes pages that can be utilized specifically for T206 cards at a very inexpensive price. Ultra Pro pages are sturdy and when placed inside a binder, can house your collection fairly well.   They can be found for about 20 cents each on eBay.  While these aren't the first choice of most serious T206 collectors, they provide way more protection than leaving the card out or in a simple plastic sleeve and if you're putting together a lower grade set, it's a nice option for storage and display on a shelf in your card room.

BCW mades some nice semi-rigid top-holders specifically for many early 20th century issued tobacco and caramel cards as Ultra Pro semi-rigidwell as modern day Allen & Ginter type cards.  They're a very inexpensive option.  A pack of 100 costs only about $15 with free shipping on eBay.

You can also use Pro-Mold's one screw screwdown holders, which offer a collector another Pro Mold T206 plastic holder screwdownopportunity to keep the card away from potential destruction.  These individual card holders are  sturdier than the PVC-based products, but the screws can sometimes be a pain and you'll have to be very careful that the card is properly aligned when screwing down the holder.  They can be found for a little over $1 each.

Another option is a wall display built to house the T206 cards in holders. These offer the opportunity to showcase cards up front and center.  Many sports card wall display casecollectors choose the wall display option to keep the cards in a very visible place so they are always visible.  Who wouldn't be proud of showing off a T206 collection or always being able to look up on a wall and see Cy Young, Ty Cobb or Walter Johnson staring back?  Depending on the size and type, these can be found for $100 or less.

Whatever the choice, a T206 collector has many options to choose from these days as the value continues to increase.  With some of the cards still being affordable, it wouldn't be more surprising to see more T206 card holders added to the mix in the future.